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GENETWORx is the Nationwide Leader in
Diagnostic and Antibody Testing for COVID-19
99% Accurate and Results in 2 - 3 Business Days

The Leader in Nationwide COVID-19 Testing

GENETWORx Laboratory was formed in 2013, with the central focus of impacting the lives of people by empowering their physicians with information. Now, GENETWORx is dedicating our focus to fighting back against COVID-19.


GENETWORx: The World’s Most Effective COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Provider

GENETWORx’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diagnostic Test is the gold standard for detecting infection in the earliest stage. In addition to providing the most accurate tests on the market with 99% accuracy, GENETWORx has one of the fastest results-reporting platforms in the world. Once a sample has been received in our laboratory, the patient and the prescribing physician will have the result via GENETWORx’s portal within 2-3 business days.


COVID-19 Antibody Tests

GENETWORx offers the COVID-19 Total Antibody (IgM & IgG) blood test, also known as a Serology test.This test determines whether a person has been exposed to COVID-19 and developed an immune response against the virus. The assay has a 99.8% specificity and 100% sensitivity.


GENETWORx Is Helping America Re-Open Confidently

GENETWORx provides ongoing COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing for communities and populations of all sizes, allowing them to reopen, resume operations, and return to “life as we knew it.” We are completing thousands upon thousands of tests every day and are growing to ensure that everyone in the USA can be tested and return to work, school, events and more.

GENETWORx COVID-19 tests are available for:


GENETWORx: A Single Resource for Total Compliance

GENETWORx is your one-stop solution to COVID-19 testing. Genetworx will arrange for, setup, and oversee your custom sequential population testing program. The thoroughness and simplicity of GENETWORx’s implementation plan and proprietary software will translate into unwavering adherence to standards and continually strengthened trust throughout your population.

Most importantly, fears of infection and outbreak are alleviated.


Dedicated to Providing Unparalleled Patient Care

We’re dedicated to providing high quality care, which is why we have our CAP accreditation and CLIA certification. The College of American Pathology (CAP) accreditation is the gold standard awarded to clinical laboratories that exceed inspection qualifications and ensures a consistent level of service that positively impacts patient care. GENETWORx is certified according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) for high complexity laboratory testing in all fields of service. Achieving the CAP accreditation combined with the CLIA certification demonstrates GENETWORx’s unwavering commitment to patient care. Clinicians ordering our assays can have confidence that the results received are of the highest quality possible.

GENETWORx CAP & CLIA accredited

We want to do our part in contributing our expertise to help in the nation’s battle against the coronavirus. The technology we have developed not only allows us to mass produce these much needed COVID-19 tests but also ensures an accurate test result in a timely response time from receipt of the sample.”
- William Miller, CEO of GENETWORx and a 20-year veteran of the molecular diagnostic laboratory testing industry

Learn more about how GENETWORx is paving the way for the USA in COVID-19 both diagnostic and antibody testing.


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July 2020 - CBS 6 News takes a behind the scenes tour of the GENETWORx lab in Glen Allen, VA. Anchor Rob Desir discusses the lab’s history, growing capacity, and leadership in COVID-19 testing for the country.

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